Philadelphia Equipment Injury Lawyer

Work Accidents Involving Tools, Equipment and Safety Gear

In construction or maintenance work, the same equipment necessary to do your job can also represent the biggest threat to your safety. This is especially true if you are sent to work with inadequate protections, inferior tools or dangerous instructions.

Luber Law represents employees who suffer equipment injuries at construction sites or industrial settings. We pursue third-party actions against manufacturers of faulty equipment or property owners or general contractors who created hazardous working conditions.

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Philadelphia Construction Equipment Accident Attorney

Michael Luber will explain your rights and assess your possible claims if you suffered an on-the-job injury involving:

  • Harnesses or safety gear (or lack thereof)
  • Disabled or missing guards on machines
  • Power tools or pneumatic tools
  • Ladders, lifts or scaffolding
  • Heaters or generators
  • Solvents or chemicals
  • Heavy equipment (forklift, backhoe, crane, etc.)

The site owner or construction manager may be liable for failing to inspect equipment, failing to train workers in use of equipment or failing to provide requisite safety gear. You may also have a product liability suit against the manufacturer for defective tools or equipment or for failure to warn of known or likely dangers.

Explore Your Potential Personal Injury Claims

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