Philadelphia Ladder Fall Accidents Attorney

Ladder Injuries and Serious Falls in Construction Work

Falls from heights are one of the most common causes of injury in the building trades. At Luber Law, we don’t believe in fluke accidents. We know that falls from ladders or roofs often stem from carelessly or deliberately ignoring safety rules. When a property owner or general contractor is responsible, injured construction workers may have grounds to sue for personal injury.

Trial lawyer Michael Luber invests the time and resources to win damages in these complicated cases. He handles third-party lawsuits in construction site accidents, providing injured workers with additional damages beyond workers’ compensation benefits.

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Philadelphia Roof Fall Injuries Lawyer

Roofers, carpenters, painters and anyone working at heights is at significant risk for injury. State and federal workplace safety regulations dictate how ladders should be used and secured and mandate certain safety mechanisms for working on roofs. Unfortunately, these rules are not always observed at construction sites, with disastrous results:

Head injuries, spinal injuries and broken bones are common, as well as disabling injuries to shoulders, knees, wrists and ankles. Michael Luber excels at maximizing compensation for serious or permanent injuries. He works with OSHA experts to pinpoint specific safety violations or other experts to identify the underlying negligence of the site owner, construction management company or equipment manufacturer.

Philadelphia Ladder Fall Accidents Lawyer

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