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Accountability for Fatality Resulting From Negligence

A wrongful death lawsuit is for the survivors. It provides justice for a loved one’s preventable death and it recognizes the economic impact as well as the emotional toll on the family.

While you are grieving the loss of your family member, the team of wrongful death lawyers at Luber Law takes on the legal burdens. We pursue maximum compensation for a tragic and premature death by detailing the financial loss and all the ways that family life has been diminished.

If you believe that your loved one died because of someone’s negligence or disregard for safety, contact us today for a free consultation. We handle wrongful death actions in the Philadelphia area and southeast Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia Fatal Car Accident Lawyer

In four decades of practice, wrongful death lawyer lawyer Michael Luber has recovered countless verdicts and settlements for wrongful death. Those cases include:


We have a nationwide network of professions in many fields, including engineers, accident reconstruction specialists and industrial safety experts, to identify the negligence or wrongful acts. Luber Law advances all costs of litigation, which we recover only if we secure compensation.



Wrongful death lawyer Michael Luber personally spends time with the family members to address their concerns and to understand the tangible loss of the deceased in their lives. Damages in a wrongful death lawsuit can include the medical and funeral bills, the person’s projected earnings over his or her expected life span, and compensation for the survivors’ loss of companionship and consortium, counsel and support, and household contributions. In certain cases, the estate can also recover compensation for the person’s conscious pain and suffering prior to death.

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