Philadelphia Scaffolding Accident Attorney

Third-Party Lawsuits for Scaffolding Collapse Injuries

Construction workers are not necessarily limited to workers’ compensation for scaffolding accidents. The property owner or general contractor may be liable for providing a faulty apparatus or otherwise compromising the safety of workers on or around scaffolds.

At Luber Law, we have been successful in third-party actions for premises liability. Our attorney brings four decades of experience in personal injury litigation, with notable results in complex and hard-fought cases.

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Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyer: Scaffolding Accidents

Trial lawyer Michael Luber can advocate for workers in the construction, remodeling, maintenance and demolition trades, including roofing and siding, painting, sandblasting, window washing and other jobs involving scaffolding. Sometimes the victim is another contractor or bystander injured in a scaffolding-related accident:

  • Scaffolding collapse
  • Injuries from falls from scaffolds or platforms
  • Objects dropped from scaffolding
  • Pinched or trapped hands

Scaffolding accidents often result in serious or permanent injuries, including back injuries, spinal cord injury, head trauma, broken bones, serious lacerations, amputated limbs and crush injuries. Our mission is to make sure clients are compensated fairly for future medical care, lost earnings, lasting disability, and their pain and suffering.

We work with professional investigators and safety experts to trace the negligence of the property manager, general contractor, subcontractor or owner of the premises. Was the scaffolding properly assembled and inspected? Was it moved or altered? Did it have required guardrails and stays? Were workers provided with proper fall protection and properly trained? Is there a manufacturing defect in the scaffolding itself?

Philadelphia Scaffolding Accident Lawyer

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