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Premises Liability Compensation for Falling Injuries

Many people never pursue legitimate claims for a slip, trip or fall on private property because they blame their own clumsiness or inattention. Other people file claims but never collect a dime because they don’t have proof of an unsafe condition or serious harm.

If you suffered lasting injury because of dangerous conditions, take immediate action to protect your rights. At Luber Law, we can investigate promptly to preserve evidence and then stand up to the negligent property owner for your full and fair compensation.

We handle premises liability claims in the Philadelphia area and southeast Pennsylvania. Contact us today for a free case evaluation with our experienced slip and fall lawyer.

Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer

Trial lawyer Michael Luber has obtained notable results in premises liability litigation by identifying good cases and following through all the way to trial if necessary. In nearly 40 years of personal injury representation, he has brought successful claims against owners of apartment buildings, supermarkets, restaurants, parking lots, construction sites and homeowners for safety hazards:

  • Wet, waxed or greasy floors
  • Spilled liquids or squished produce
  • Black ice or snow accumulations
  • Code violations (steps, railings, lighting)
  • Potholes, raised concrete and tripping hazards
  • Falling merchandise


At Luber Law, we know that slip-and-fall accidents can result in serious and disabling injuries, including back injuries, head injuries, broken tailbone, hip fracture, wrist fractures, knee and shoulder injuries, and other broken bones or soft tissue injuries.



We also know what constitutes a viable claim and what evidence is required to win compensation. Michael Luber is skilled at showing that the property owner created the danger, ignored it or should have been aware of it through normal maintenance and inspection.

Philadelphia Slip-and-Fall Attorney

Call 215-496-1000 or 888 ASK ME LAW (888-275-6352) in the Philly Metro area, or contact us online. Slip and fall lawyer Michael Luber is personally involved in your case from start to finish. He offers a free initial consultation, and there are no attorney fees unless we take your case and obtain compensation.