Philadelphia Explosion Injury Attorney

Aggressive Representation for Injured Workers

Construction workers, employees of oil refineries and boilermakers are at significant risk for serious injuries from fires and explosions. These accidents often cause life-changing injuries that require costly, specialized medical care and rehabilitation services.

Luber Law represents construction workers and other people injured on work sites. We aggressively pursue personal injury lawsuits against property owners and other third parties for compensation above that which our clients receive from the workers’ compensation system.

We serve clients in the Philadelphia area and southeast Pennsylvania. Contact us today for a free consultation with attorney Michael Luber.

Philadelphia Burn Injuries Lawyer

Accidents at construction sites and industrial facilities can happen when management takes shortcuts with safety regulations or fails to properly supervise employees or contractors.

Luber Law represents workers who have suffered:

  • Severe burn injuries — from fires, electrical shock, chemical burns, friction burns, and steam leaks and explosions
  • Explosion injuries — from fuel tanks and other flammables, or from portable heaters, air compressors and other malfunctioned machines

Attorney Michael Luber has extensive experience obtaining workers’ compensation benefits and compensation for workers who have suffered serious injuries. Mr. Luber excels at proving safety violations and demonstrating negligence on the part of property owners, general contractors and other parties who can be held liable. When necessary, our firm works with professional investigators and workplace safety experts to establish negligence.

Medical Care and Compensation for Accident Victims

Luber Law places a priority on helping its clients obtain the financial resources that can pay for needed medical care. We work with burn experts and other medical specialists to identify the care and rehabilitation needs. When our law firm represents you, we will seek maximum compensation for all losses, including medical care, lost income, pain and suffering, and other losses.

Compensation for Workers Injured by Fires and Explosions
Michael Luber has obtained notable results in nearly 40 years of personal injury and premises liability practice. Contact Luber Law for a free consultation with an experienced Philadelphia explosion injury lawyer. There are no attorney fees unless we obtain compensation.